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Join the investment platform that helps you create your own stock portfolio based on your shopping behavior. Anticipate industry trends and simplify investing by owning stock in a click.

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New!  Save the Planet
When You Shop!

StockSquirrel has partnered with Soli to offer seamless integration of eco-friendly credits within the StockSquirrel Platform.
When you shop with a company that is part of the StockSquirrel Collection, we donate to a meaningful, sustainability project in your name!

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where you shop.


with shareholders.


your wealth.

Picking stocks shouldn’t give you a headache.

But the industry
is stacked against you…

  • Are you confused with your investment choices?
  • Are you tired of complex trading platforms?
  • Are you tired of following untrustworthy advice?
  • Can’t find the stocks you need to grow your wealth?
  • Do you feel like you’re missing out on stock market?

Trading platforms are unnecessarily clunky and stock picks are a coin toss.

We know because we’ve worked on Wall Street our entire lives. Luckily, there’s an easier and better way to invest. We’ve used years of financial experience to develop a platform that analyzes your shopping behavior to build a personalized stock portfolio that simplifies investing, anticipates industry trends, and sets you up for long term success.


Simplify investing by owning the brands you shop with.

As a shopper, you know the companies with the great products and services. This gives you a head start on industry trends. By owning the stocks of the brands you love, you can cast shareholder votes alongside the StockSquirrel community and have impact on real company decisions.

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easily invest your cash
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cast shareholder votes
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brands you can invest in

community members you can vote with

trading fees*

*Trading fees are waived for all Stock Squirrel members.

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works for  investors of all types.

  • new investors
  • students
  • small investors
  • new grads
  • large investors
  • …and more!

And especially well for…

People interested in the best financial tools.

People that know the importance of investing.

Investors looking for a better strategy.

New investors who don’t know which stock to buy.

Here’s how it works…


as you normally would.


stock automatically based on your settings.


EcoPoints that fund susatinability projects.


the brand and cast real shareholder votes.

How is this different
than traditional investing?

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Become an Activist

Don’t just own stock. With StockSquirrel, you’re getting much more than an investment vehicle. You’ll get the chance to vote at shareholder meetings, see the factories, visit the distribution centers, check out the coffee farms, and much more!


Make your voice heard and influence company behavior by owning a single share of stock.

Industry Trends

You and your wallet are the insiders. By analyzing your purchasing behavior, you’re able to tailor a stock portfolio that takes real data as a trigger to anticipate the future earnings of a company.


By using proven Wall Street investment strategies, you’re dramatically increasing the likelihood of beating the street.

Feeling nickel and dimed?

Pay no trading fees. By pooling stock purchases and sales with the community, we’re able to cover transaction fees on your behalf.


Don’t let transaction fees stop you from building a diversified portfolio of high performance stocks.

No Learning Curve

Skip the lingo. An intuitive platform lets you make quick and informed decisions. You won’t be juggling through complex systems that pressure you into buying or selling.


Investing with a clear mind is important if you want to avoid impulse buys or sells.

I’ve always been turned off by stock trading. It’s too complex and takes too much time. With StockSquirrel, I’m able to quickly approve and purchase stock picks based on my own shopping. This has given me an edge that no other platform can offer.

– Nicole B.

Don’t miss out on the stock market.

How many potential winners have you missed out on?
Is someone you know already building their wealth in the stock market?
Are your savings stuck on low interest rates?

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Build a stock portfolio that anticipates industry trends and transforms traditional investing with StockSquirrel.

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Any questions?
We’ve got answers.

Do all my purchases mean I’ll be buying stock?

We show you the list of places where you shop that you are able to buy stock in. You then pick the stocks you wish to own and build a portfolio of your favorites.

What kind of companies can I own?

You’ll have access to public companies where millennials spend their money.

What if I don't have enough to buy a full share of stock?
With StockSquirrel, you can buy fractional shares. Small amounts that accumulate to full shares and big wins for you.
How does StockSquirrel make money?

Buying and selling stock on Stock Squirrel is free for you. We are able to charge corporations for investor relations and to establish loyalty and reward programs geared specifically for you, the customer shareholder.