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Simplify investing by owning the brands you shop with.

As a shopper, you know the companies with the great products and services. This gives you a head start on industry trends. By owning the stocks of the brands you love, you can cast shareholder votes alongside the StockSquirrel community and have impact on real company decisions.

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Do all my purchases mean I’ll be buying stock?

We show you the list of places where you shop that you are able to buy stock in. You then pick the stocks you wish to own and build a portfolio of your favorites.

What kind of companies can I own?

You’ll have access to public companies where millennials spend their money.

What if I don't have enough to buy a full share of stock?
With StockSquirrel, you can buy fractional shares. Small amounts that accumulate to full shares and big wins for you.
How does StockSquirrel make money?

Buying and selling stock on Stock Squirrel is free for you. We are able to charge corporations for investor relations and to establish loyalty and reward programs geared specifically for you, the customer shareholder.

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