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Our Vision

StockSquirrel will pioneer and lead the transition into individual stock ownership by empowering the individual with knowledge, technology and an accessible vehicle and system that is simple and effective.

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The Democratization
of Stock Ownership

StockSquirrel promotes common stock ownership to individuals in an investment world dominated by institutions, mutual funds and ETF’s (exchange-traded funds). Historically, the majority of stock was owned by individual shareholders, but that trend is down over the last 40 years, from 60-70% of shares owned by individuals to only 18% percent today. Today, institutions own the majority of stock and individuals participate in the market primarily via mutual funds and ETF’s. Soon this trend will reverse and people will be interested in individual companies again. The problem is that consumers are intimidated by Wall Street and believe the deck is stacked against them. StockSquirrel will show that this does not have to be the case. StockSquirrel will pioneer and lead the transition into individual stock ownership by empowering the individual with knowledge, technology and an accessible vehicle and system that is simple and effective.


Investors would love to get involved with individual stocks but believe that they need to invest a lot of time. Most people are under the impression that investing requires time-consuming research and complex investment strategies. For the most part people reject involvement because they are unable or unwilling to make the investment of time and effort in learning…or just fear that the Wall Street deck is stacked against them. StockSquirrel’s primary value proposition is to solve this pain point problem. With StockSquirrel you don’t have to invest time learning about the stock market to be a successful stock investor. Just buy stock in the companies where you shop while you shop and build a successful investment portfolio of individual companies. StockSquirrel is a pure lifestyle app. StockSquirrel shows that you don’t have to change your life to be a successful investor in individual stocks…just own where you shop!

StockSquirrel facilitates the Own Where You Shop™ method of investing through the implementation of its process technology. As an example: You are a StockSquirrel member and are signed up at the “invest 10% of my purchases” level…you go into Starbucks and buy a $4 coffee…when you swipe your debit card (or any card registered with StockSquirrel) or use your smartphone, and you automatically buy 40 cents worth of Starbucks stock (in fractional shares). By doing this with StockSquirrel you will build up a portfolio of stock ownership in the very companies where you spend your consumer dollars. You now Own Where You Shop™! And this is a proven successful investment method! It really works!

Own Where
You Shoptm

The StockSquirrel

The StockSquirrel Mission is for every human being on the planet own a share of stock and exercise that ownership. Why? Because the ownership mentality changes everything. To get the 99% of the world to THINK like the wealthy 1% is a monstrous world changer, for sure.

The StockSquirrel
Eco Mission

We believe that our planet needs saving, and at StockSquirrel, we walk our talk.

StockSquirrel has partnered with Soli (https://solipoints.com) who organizes and executes sustainability projects.  Soli offers carbon offset credits to help fund these projects and StockSquirrel offers these credits for FREE to our members through our EcoPoints system.  To earn EcoPoints, all our users need to do is shop at one of the companies in the StockSquirrel Collection.  Our members are energized knowing they can do good for the planet while supporting the brands they love.

And EcoPoints is just the beginning!  Future eco plans include facilitating direct involvement with sustainability projects and the ability to vote on what each user feels is most important.


Our EcoSquirrel functionality will be fun, exciting, and will give our users the excitement of knowing they are making a difference!


People buy stock in the companies where they spend their money. Very simple. StockSquirrel’s goal is to make investing more accessible to individuals, regardless of their level of financial knowledge or resources. Wall Street has made itself too complex for the individual investor. But it doesn’t have to be so, nor should it be. By building a portfolio of stocks in the companies where consumers already spend their money they are more likely to succeed as investors. That is our premise, heavily supported by returns and results.

This is a method of investing that was promoted by the great investor, Peter Lynch. See Chapter One of Peter Lynch’s book, Beating the Street, 1993, Simon & Schuster. In that chapter, Peter shows where seventh-graders from the St. Agnes School in Arlington, Massachusetts put together a stock portfolio of companies they knew about and then researched. Over a two year period the seventh-graders outperformed the S&P 500 composite and outperformed 99% of ALL stock mutual funds! Yes, seventh-graders outperformed 99% of all professionals by investing in companies whose products they were familiar with as consumers! In his other books, Peter Lynch talks more about owning companies where you shop and companies that manufacture products and deliver services that you are familiar with, like and purchase.

StockSquirrel is not asking individuals to change their lifestyles and become stock market gurus. Instead, StockSquirrel is saying that by executing Own Where You Shop™ investing, which connects with your current lifestyle, you can make money in the stock market. Stocks made simple.


Simplify investing by owning the brands you shop with.

As a shopper, you know the companies with the great products and services. This gives you a head start on industry trends. By owning the stocks of the brands you love, you can cast shareholder votes alongside the StockSquirrel community and have impact on real company decisions.

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I’ve always been turned off by stock trading. It’s too complex and takes too much time. With StockSquirrel, I’m able to quickly approve and purchase stock picks based on my own shopping. This has given me an edge that no other platform can offer.

– Nicole B.

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Any questions?
We’ve got answers.

Do all my purchases mean I’ll be buying stock?

We show you the list of places where you shop that you are able to buy stock in. You then pick the stocks you wish to own and build a portfolio of your favorites.

What kind of companies can I own?

You’ll have access to public companies where millennials spend their money.

What if I don't have enough to buy a full share of stock?
With StockSquirrel, you can buy fractional shares. Small amounts that accumulate to full shares and big wins for you.
How does StockSquirrel make money?

Buying and selling stock on Stock Squirrel is free for you. We are able to charge corporations for investor relations and to establish loyalty and reward programs geared specifically for you, the customer shareholder.