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July 2, 2020



StockSquirrel Announces Partnership with Soli

StockSquirrel is super excited to add Soli to the list of benefits users can receive.  Soli Points reward users and offsets the carbon footprint.  When users shop with StockSquirrel, they will have the option to get Soli Points at the same time.  That means your next sweater purchase will also help you own stock, get rewards and save the planet all at the same time!

Here is a little bit about Soli – or find out more at

Soli is a patented consumer program that fights climate change. For every dollar a consumer spends with participating merchants, two pounds of carbon are kept out of the atmosphere. For the first time, consumers can create meaningful environmental impact without having to pay for it. And Soli is the only company that transparently retires carbon. Each pound is traceable and auditable.





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