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January 23, 2020


StockSquirrel is not your typical financial app!  Here are a few details about how it works.

  1. “How does the purchase of stock actually work? What amount will I receive?”

 If you set your percentage at 10% on your $100 purchase, you will automatically purchase $10 of stock for the store where you shopped.

  1. “Does every single purchase mean that I will purchase stock?”

We show you the list of places where you shop that you are able to buy stock in. You then pick the stocks you wish to own and build a portfolio of your favorites.

  1. “What sort of companies can I own?”

You’ll have access to stock for any company that is publicly traded!

  1. “Well that all sounds nice, but I am on a budget. What if I cannot afford loads of stock?”

Don’t worry! With StockSquirrel, you can buy fractional shares.  Small amounts that accumulate to full shares and big wins for you.

  1. “I’ve seen so many financial and investing companies that charge extra fees. Does StockSquirrel?”

With StockSquirrel, there are absolutely ZERO trade fees for the purchase of your stocks!

  1. “Well, I’m sure I need to be charged in order for StockSquirrel to make money…right?”

Buying and selling stock on StockSquirrel is free for you. We are able to charge corporations for investor relations and to establish loyalty and reward programs geared specifically for you, the customer shareholder.

StockSquirrel is for every type of investor. Whether you are just starting out and not sure what stock to buy, or you’re an experienced investor looking for a better strategy,  StockSquirrel is here to make the future of your trading as easy as shopping at your favorite go-to spots.

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